Remote networking is becoming a common phenomenon among professionals. For efficiency, remote professionals need to network virtually with other professionals. They should also keep on expanding their professional and social networks.
The following are ways in which professionals can expand their networks while working remotely from home:

1. Enroll in professional slack groups.
Slacks are standard tools used by professionals to communicate and share ideas as they work on a particular project. Slack network and communities allow participants to organize events, inquire, and find advice on various issues raised in the forum. The platform enables people to find jobs located on the job-board channel.
Slack channels discuss different topics, including tech, products, design, etc. Ladies Get Paid Slack, Top of the Funnel, and Women Working Remotely are good examples of the existing community slacks.

2. Sign up for online events.
Online events have become popular after the outbreak of COVID-19. Professionals should sign up for online webinars. Webinars focus on different topics, including marketing, leadership, financial, and business strategies. Through the webinars, professionals can learn many things that may help them grow professionally and personally.
Zoom webinar allows participants to create intimate connections through its Breakout Room. Zoom’s Breakout Rooms enables small groups to create networks.

3. Creation of Virtual Co-working platforms.
Virtual co-working platforms started emerging in 2019. Currently, virtual co-working sessions are trending as they have become a networking platform for professionals. It’s very easy to create a session since you only need to invite as many friends as possible. The virtual co-working sessions are rich in knowledge that may help you grow professionally.

4. Connect through social media platforms.
Professionals use social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to expand their networks. Many professionals market their products, including art, photography, and professional services, through social media platforms.
Most professionals have met their clients over social media platforms. For instance, if you want to own a website, you may get your web designer from various social media platforms.
To connect with more people, professionals need to be transparent on their social media accounts. People like to follow accounts with all the details displayed, including account holder name, skills, goals, and business type. Instagram Live allows professionals to connect and inquire advice on their industry. There are also professional Facebook pages that post jobs for freelancers to work on various projects.

5. Subscribe to YouTube videos.
YouTube has videos talking about professional topics. The videos are rich with valuable skills and knowledge based on numerous issues.

Professionals should not isolate themselves from the emerging trends in technology. More inventions are coming out daily, and professionals need to familiarize themselves with the new networks.